8 Parts of Speech

Introduction to English Grammar. Before we dig more into the world of English Grammar, here is the first page of it. I used this notes to teach my Standard 6 and all classes in secondary school. Just to make them familiar with it. 

8 Parts of Speech

1) Noun
everything around you are nouns.
Ex :  book, leaf, Aiman.

2) Pronoun
replace noun.
Ex : He, She, It, We, You, I, Me, Ours, Theirs, Mine, Yours, His & Hers.

3) Adjective
describes a noun or pronoun.
Ex : tall, short, pretty.

4) Verb
shows any action –  Ex : walk, run, shout, jump, read, sing, eat, etc.
shows state of being – Ex : is, are, do, does, was, were, etc.

5) Adverb
describes a verb.
Ex : walk quickly.

6) Preposition
to show location, time, movement and space. Placed before nouns.
Ex : Under, at, across, among.

7) Conjunction
words that joins other words together.
Ex : and, but, so, because, yet, therefore, etc.

8) Interjection
shows emotions.

Ex : Ouch ! Wow ! Hi !

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  2. nice! :) eh eh, this may sound unrelated tapi just in case ckgu tau la, saya tengah konpius tentang something atm...

    apa itu topic markers?
    I'm currently studying a new language and these words are mentioned like everywhere huhu..

    Hope you can help me with this, TIA :)