School Service with Sekolah Menengah Sains Banting

We ( TESL TITANS ) organized a school project at Banting, Selangor. This program were for Sekolah Menengah Sains Banting Form Three students. For the 1st day, we all conducted group activities ( must related to listening and speaking skills ). This activities were held at Pantai Kelanang, Banting. And, at the evening we all buat Running Beach aka Explorace ! 

So much fun !

On the 2nd day, we organised public speaking competition. In the morning, we explained to them first in our small group how the public speaking goes on  and all the terms and conditions. Btw, me, Shangeeta, Ezzuan and Sabree are the facilitators for the group Nature Rangers. This group is awesome ! The students are sporting, supportive and again AWESOME ! Even though they looks a bit shy at first. For the final battle, each group must have one representative and our group representator got the 2nd place !Congrats , Jiah !

Okayh, keep scrolling and enjoy the pictures !

This is we, the crazy facilitators took pictures while the students finishing their sandcastle as the last task for Running Beach.

 Again, the facilitators at Pantai Kelanang

 This is our awesome group Nature Rangers !

A chit-chat during the break. Okay, Acai tengah menyampaikan ajaran sesat kat bebudak ni.

 Tengok, muka innocent je memasing dengar Acai cerita yang entah-betul-entah-tidak tu.

 Wohooo...sandcastle in the making !

 Who's group is this? I think this is Thorn and Roses group with their sandcastle and facilitators.

Nature Rangers ! And their sandcastle. Sorry tak berapa nampak sangat the sandcastle due to lightning effect.

Before we end our program, this is the last official group's picture we took. And, let me introduce you....

This is Heavenly Green !

 This is Seawolf ! Awuuuuuuuuuuu

 This is Thorn and Roses !

 This is Starfish ! Wait, I didn't see Patrick there...

 This is Canine ! Auummmmm

 This is Storm !

 This is... NATURE RANGERS !Salute

 This is Avicenna !

And, last but not least.. the facilitators with our lecturer Dr Moomala and SMS Banting English Teacher, Mr El ( i don't know his full name )

Well, although we were tired, but it worth! We have fun with the students and I hope they too have fun throughout this program.

Sila tinggalkan komen untuk AB balas semula kunjungan. Jangan lupa klik-klik sekali ye Piggybank AB tu

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